The Network/La Red offers several informational brochures, materials, and manuals that are free of charge to the public, including:

Open Minds Open Doors: A manual on how to transform your domestic violence program to be more inclusive of LGBQ/T survivors.

Power With Power For: A manual on how to create a survivor-centered organization.

“When You Just Know” High Risk Report: A report that assesses the risk of lethality for LGBQ/T survivors of partner abuse.

Survivor Stories: Learning from LGBQ/T Communities in MA: The result of our 2019 Community Needs Assessment.

Brochures (available in English and Spanish)

  • Does your Partner Blame it on you Being Transgender or Genderqueer?
  • Does your Partner Blame it on your Bi-Sexuality? 
  • Is it SM or Abuse? – A Guide for People who Practice SM 
  • SM is NOT Abuse – A Guide for Professionals
  • Does your Partner Blame it on Polyamory?
  • Understanding Partner Abuse in Polyamorous Communities – A Guide for Professionals
  • The Network/La Red General Brochure
  • Volunteer Brochure

To request materials and/or your free copy of either of our manuals, please fill out this form. For more information please contact community [at] tnlr [dot] org.

Download the visuals for our campaign, Survival and Resistance: Power with Survivors, Power for Communities.

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