Wild Tongues

Wild Tongues reclaims power by highlighting the experiences of survivors of partner abuse and/or oppression with poetry, music, photographs, art, and choreography. In June 2017, we asked survivors to submit their art and share their experience among a community full of support, and they have shown up every year since.

A night for LGBQ/T survivors of partner abuse and oppression to reclaim their power and heal through performance and art.

Thank you for joining our Wild Tongues Watch Party on March 4! Special thanks to the survivors who shared a piece of themselves with us.

Watch the full event and the stellar performances on our Facebook page.


Event Photos

2020 - Wild Tongues: Voices Liberated
2019 - Wild Tongues: Language of Rebellion
2017 - Wild Tongues: Stories for Ourselves

Surviving with Wild Tongues

Filmed by local videographer, Jennifer Recinos, and starring movement artist, Fabiola Torralba, Surviving with Wild Tongues is a short film that centers the lives and experiences of queer, transgender, black, indigenous, working class and/or people of color who are survivors of partner abuse (domestic violence). The film features the voices of six anonymous survivors, and was launched on April 5, 2018 by executive producer and director, Genevieve Diaz y Rodriguez.