Recent collaborations

Freedom for All Massachusetts: Yes on 3!

TNLR is a coalition partner in Freedom for All Massachusetts. In 2017, a broad coalition of thousands of businesses, community, civic groups, and individuals collaborated to update Massachusetts law and ensure transgender Bay Staters would be protected in places like restaurants, retail shops, and doctor’s offices. Approaching the 2018 November election, opponents of equality threatened this law—which is about protecting the freedom of all Massachusetts residents, including those who are transgender, to live their lives free from discrimination. TNLR joined this coalition to support the campaign and uphold these protections. We have collaborated by holding phone banks, having a presence at rallies, and raising awareness about the ballot initiative and the impact on transgender lives via social media.

Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR) Committee

November 20, 2018 marks the 20th Anniversary of the Transgender Day of Remembrance, a day where we honor and remember the lives of trans folks that we’ve lost in the past year due to transphobic acts of violence. Boston TDOR Is all volunteer run and is sponsored by community organizations. For over 10 years TNLR has participated in the planning of the event, and has sponsored the event to help make it possible.

In Support of Transgender Equal Rights in Massachusetts

TNLR has worked with organizations and community members to create protections for transgender folks in Massachusetts for more than 15 years. Our organization has signed on to petitions, joined coalitions, sponsored events, phone banked, and many times has submitted public testimony on the experiences of discrimination transgender survivors experience accessing domestic violence services in MA. We collaborated with organizations and individuals to help pass the city of Boston’s 2002 Ordinance Regarding Discrimination Based on Gender Identity or Expression, the 2012 Act Relative to Gender Identity, and the many other iterations and attempts that were made to protect Transgender rights in MA between them. Now we are supporting the efforts to protect Transgender rights in Massachusetts through the Yes on 3 Campaign.

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