Community Letter 2020

Dear TNLR community,

As we move toward the end of a tumultuous 2020, still in the midst of a pandemic, survivors in LGBQ/T, kink, and polyamorous communities remain increasingly isolated and in need of support.

For many survivors, the pandemic added fuel to the everyday fire of abuse.

Abusers have new tactics to threaten or restrict a survivor’s life – coercion of COVID-risky activities, refusal to let a survivor work, withholding access to information about the virus, and on. Survivors may have fewer resources due to unemployment, housing uncertainty, or new health challenges. Many are unable to visit friends and family and less privacy at home to seek support.

Through it all, we are here for survivors and here for you as you support the survivors in your life. 

At TNLR, we speak not for survivors but as survivors. From the careful way we listen to hotline callers to the flexibility of our advocacy, every aspect of our work is embedded in the learnings we draw from our experiences as queer, trans, polyamorous, and kinky survivors.

Your contributions allow us to provide support that centers survivors' needs and expertise – to help trans survivors seek safer shelter, to advocate for survivors who are blamed for their abuse because they agreed to a kink dynamic, to hold support groups specifically for LGBQ/T survivors who are Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, and so much more.

We need to raise $50,000 during the week of Nov 30th - Dec 6th. It’s a short time and a steep goal for us – will you put your trust in survivors into action by making one more donation in 2020? 


Thank you for everything you do for survivors,

Beth Leventhal
Co-Executive Director

Sabrina Santiago
Co-Executive Director

Miriam Priven
Grassroots Fundraising Coordinator

PS – Becoming a monthly sustainer during this special week will count toward our goal! Sign up for $10 per month in honor of a survivor whose brilliance, creativity, and leadership you admire.

Meet RobotDom! Their mission is to help the TNLR team raise $50k for survivor services during the week of Nov 30th - Dec 6th. Help them unlock special challenges and power boosts to meet their goal by donating, sharing their posts, and telling friends about TNLR's fundraiser. Watch for updates!


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