In direct response to the Boston Pride Board of Directors’ decision to dissolve Boston Pride:

The Network/La Red is shocked and disappointed in the Boston Pride Board of Directors’ decision to dissolve Boston Pride. They could have resigned and passed the torch, but they made the decision to shut down the organization and all its events/programming, decreasing leadership opportunities for QTBIPOC members in our community.

Closing Boston Pride means if folks did want to reinstate the organization, they’d have to reapply for 501c3 status, among other things, forcing QTBIPOC community members to start from scratch with no support and therefore stalling their organizing efforts. This ultimately hurts our communities.

This was an opportunity for the Boston Pride Board to work with QTBIPOC leaders and activists, listen to their concerns, and make Boston Pride more inclusive. Instead, they are avoiding accountability by dissolving and “hoping” new leaders continue the work.

This decision feels more like retaliation against the community for speaking up, and it’s a shame the board could not find it in their “heavy hearts” to do the work necessary to build the better future they so passively hope for.

We want to echo Trans Resistance (@transresistancema) and encourage community members to share their visions for the future of Pride in Boston, as well as donate to the Black Trans Lives Matter Campaign to help Transgender Emergency Fund create the first trans-led housing program in New England.