Community Needs Assessment

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Click here to download a copy of Survivor Stories:  Learning From LGBQ/T Communities in MA.

The Network/La Red presents Survivor Stories: Learning From LGBQ/T Communities in MA.



The Network/La Red released surveys across Massachusetts to anonymously gather the experiences of LGBQ/T folks who may have questioned their safety* in their relationship(s)**. You helped us gather over 3,000 surveys! For last 30 years, The Network/La Red has been telling organizations what LGBQ/T communities need. This is opportunity for these organizations to hear directly from our communities what is needed to provide the best support for LGBQ/T survivors of partner abuse.


The community needs assessment survey closed June 20, 2019.


*By safety we mean that you have the freedom to be yourself in your relationship and can make decisions about your life, your time, your body, and how you exist in the world. This feeling of safety should extend to your emotional, physical, financial, cultural, identity and sexual well-being. 


**By relationship(s) we are referring to a range of intimate relationships including but not limited to: Boyfriend/girlfriend, date, boo, play partner, hookup, lover, spouse, sexual partner, life partner, primary or secondary or other non-monogamous partner.


Any questions or concerns about the community needs assessment, please contact:
Charly Robles, Interim Community Organizer
Phone: (617) 695-0877 ext. 108
Email mobilize [at] tnlr [dot] org 


Jenn Ho, Manager of Capacity Building
Phone: (617695-0877 ext. 101
Email: strategize [at] tnlr [dot] org


Until further notice, we will not be providing TA in its original format or able to meet requests for TA but we will continue to provide some trainings. Read more below about our program:


TNLR has provided technical assistance (TA) to social workers, hospitals, homeless shelters, police, domestic violence programs, sexual assault programs, colleges, and many others to make their agency more accessible to LGBQ/T (lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer and/or transgender) individuals. TA was free for Massachusetts-based agencies. Out-of-state agencies would need to discuss cost with our Director of Outreach, Education, and Organizing.

Our Technical Assistance program includes: