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Technical Assistance Program


The Network/La Red (TNLR) offers technical assistance (TA) services to help organizations create a welcoming and inclusive environment for LGBTQ+ staff and survivors of domestic violence/partner abuse (DV/PA).

In 2020, TNLR is launching a new TA program called the Learning Community (LC). We are excited to welcome between 5-8 organizations to join the inaugural cohort. LC member organizations will each receive customized, individual TA. They will also join a peer-to-peer support network where they can share their struggles and successes with the work, brainstorm strategies, and learn from each other’s experiences. The program will feature quarterly meetings, as well as a cohort listserv. Finally, TNLR will provide training on best practice recommendations for creating LGBTQ+-inclusive services and an LGBTQ+-welcoming staff environment.

To join the LC and to help us understand your organization’s specific needs, we ask that you read the description below and apply here. It will help us learn about your organization’s interest and capacity to engage in a TA/CB process, and start a conversation about how to best customize a plan to fit your needs. 









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