Pride Month Virtual Silent Auction

How to Bid

  1. On the homepage, scroll to the top and click "Register to bid."
  2. Fill in the information. The site will auto-create a random username for you so you can bid anonymously. Your card will not be charged unless you end up being the highest bidder on your item(s), at which point you will be auto-charged on June 25th.
  3. Shop around! You can choose to bid once on an item or to have the site auto-outbid anyone else up to an amount of your choosing.
  4. Check back frequently. See if you've been outbid or if there are new items added you want to try and snatch up!


It's not too late to contribute an item to our silent auction! Are you an artist? Do you have a favorite lunch spot or hairstylist? Can your friend teach a skill? Fill out this form if you have ideas or offers - or feel free to donate financially HERE!